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11 useful tip for bathing your baby beautiful

path time may be fun for the baby discovering water and warmth , and your hands are clean thin skin soft and thinning hair . Here's the practical tips for bathing easy and fun :

1 . prepare everything special for bath before you will begin , so the bath would be easy and safe . And do not even have to carry with you for the baby shampoo forgotten Preparing for example .

2 . You do not need to baby bathing excessively. On the contrary, it may be bathing excessive harmful to the baby 's skin becomes drier .

3 . There are two ways for bathing , either by placing the infant in a tub or small path scan on his skin wet sponge . Use a sponge if you see that it is not very dirty . The use of a sponge for better skin of the infant to sit in a path tub for a few minutes .

4 . You can use the shampoo and soap, but Try a small part of your child's body to make sure the lack of sensitivity to these species. You can use normal shampoo or soap , it is not necessary to have a dedicated children you freedom of choice in determining the time of bath . You can bathing the baby in the evening after a full day of play and lactation , and so on , and as a way to calm him down and prepared for a comfortable sleep . You can shower him during the day , which at the top of his to enjoy the warm water and play in it.

5 . Don't leave for your baby one moment during path , even when he grows up a bit and can sit . Not to leave him in the custody of a child is greater.

6 . There is no need to remove the wax , which is produced by the natural ear , removing something that is not necessary as it may be dangerous to enter something in the ear of your baby up to the ear drum . The wax protects the ears from the ingress of water into the ear and has antibacterial substances.

7 . If you are using an aquarium devoted to bathing , put the amount of warm water does not exceed a height of about five centimeters . It is time for another boy on his body to keep him warm water warm during bathing .

8 . While bathing the baby talk to him and his players , tell him that you wash his hair , and his right arm , and that his left arm and the back and the ear .. and so on. , It helped him to improve communication willing to talk.

9 . It is possible to have a small celebration bathing between you and your baby and your husband . Involve your spouse in bathing the baby , for example, holding a baby with you or give you sponge or towel .

10 . Once completed bathing , Wipe dry skin and dress him clean clothes you prepared by your side.