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10 tips for safe sleep for your baby

Certainly the arrival of a child into your life, it is something quite enough to change the system your entire life, from waking up every morning and even sleep at night, but let me tell you all sleep at night, In our Arab culture of the child sleeps next to his parents, at least in the first months of breastfeeding, to be responsive to him faster in the case of crying or change diapers, or his need for something, and studies have shown that it is useful for the child psychologically enhances his sense of security.


1 - Do not leave your son covered with blankets and bed alone , so as not to run the risk of choking and you are not next to him .

2 - Do not dress your son a lot of clothes, dress him casual clothes , and the room temperature will be enough for him, so that is not exposed to the disease

3 - If your bed adhere to the wall , and there is space between the bed and the wall, fill it with a pillow , inorder not to exposure your child to the risk of falling between the bed and the wall.

4 - certainly the presence of the child on the bed with you is new and needs to be warned , so you have to agree with your spouse on how long the child will sleep by your side before buying a bed for him.

5 - sleep your baby on his back and away from the cushions and pillows , so as not to hurt his neck pillows , and so as not to fall upon one of them .

6 - sleep your child on the side of the bed next to you , not between you and your father , so you will protect him more

7 - If the child is a lot of movement , Vorteura and then transferred to the walls of his single bed to keep him from falling .

8 - If the father was a smoker dont let your child sleep by his side, because then exposed to inhalation of cigarette smoke that may be stuck to the bed and pillows .

9 - If you sleep on a couch in your home in the middle of the day , then dont make your child sleep next to you , because it would show more of a bottleneck in the pillows , but the small size of the couch .

10 - If your bed, your sleep will not be enough for the three of you in comfort , so buy a small bed for your child next to you .