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4 Myths and Facts about infant sleep

The initial lie : the child should be sleeping through the night when he reaches 12 weeks


Truth: This will definitely be a wonderful thing , but it is totally unrealistic and may cause you to keep an eye out this occurrence is stress and anxiety.

" If your child is eating well throughout the day , and you are working with a fixed routine and have a bit of luck , your baby will sleeps through the night when he become in the 12- weeks ", but as we know that luck is not for everyone , it may not happen for a the next month or for a period of two or three months , and that does not mean you're doing something wrong . But you should be doing certain things to encourage your child to start sleeping for longer periods , and through the establishment of routine calm and short time to sleep , let your baby to sleep on his own ( donot force him or shake him to sleep ) , and get used not to go to him in his sleep whenever released from any noise , and he must  used to go back to sleep again on his own if your life consistent , that increases the likelihood of your baby's sleep from six to at least eight hours , respectively, in the night , before reaching four to six months of age.


Lie Two: awakening the child late at night would keep him from waking up early


Truth: u should know that you doing this, although it seems logical and effective, but it works in reverse as the undesirable consequences. Where to keep the baby for a long time awake during the night in danger of exhaustion and fatigue, and when exposed your child to fatigue can be difficult to enjoy long quiet sleep but be motivated to continue waking, and difficult to return to sleep again, or to wake up the morning early so you ma'am can make Your child sleeps at a time early in the next twist in order to enjoy a quiet sleep and wake naturally in the morning.


lie three: No problem of having a pet sleep in a place where your baby's sleep


Fact: One of the research of the American Academy of Pediatrics recommended not to leave the baby or child alone with a pet dog and that the existence of a statistical b 600,000 children have been bitten by dogs each year and be wounds to require medical care aggravating Not only dogs, but also cats found them jump into newborns bed and scratch them by their nails or strangle them.



lie four: Add grain and other food to help the child to sleep during the night


Fact: There is no relationship between the intake of the child for those grains and between sleep longer in the evening, there is no benefit from this, but that the development of such dishes to the child helps to increase the caloric intake of the child and some acknowledged some studies have shown that feeding the baby foods heavy solid (non-liquid) four months ago can lead to obesity, but if you want to get it as an alternative to milk you should follow the specific instructions of the doctor.