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Professional trained pharmacist

24 hours a day / 7 days a week availability of professional pharmacists to provide full & accurate medical service for you. You are safe among their health care service from hazards of incorrect medical instruction. Just call us on 19661


We are responsible for your health & safety. Please, don't hesitate asking our counseling. If you have any health problem or seek medical advice, just call us 19661or try online consultation.

Best customer care team

Based on both medical information & customer orientation, we built our customer care team to provide more delight for our customers,Contact customer care representative to Evaluate, ask, or Report a complaint. We are happy to hear from you over: 01129677955 / 01129677339

Cosmetics specialists

Cosmetics specialist team to take care of your beauty. .


Special Ordering

This service is for special treatments or requirements that are not available in the market for any circumstances. We'll do our best to provide you with it by professional searching by our supply team.

Delivery service

You can have your medication or cosmetic products right at your home at any time

Medical follow-up

Our Drugs information center will follow up with our customers regarding to their medical case or consultation and medical information.

Health signs measurements

Blood pressure, Blood sugar level, Body weight , Body mass index (BMI), body water, fat mass, …

Formulation laboratory

Any pharmaceutical preparation we can formulate it inside our laboratory.

Offers & gifts

We have Periodic offers on medicated Cosmetics products, Medical equipment and Medical measurements devices.


Our Branches spreading

Our spreading is to provide your health & beauty requirements anywhere in the most convenient way & as fast as possible.


We are working around the clock. Make sure we'll be right beside you whenever you need us. Call us anytime 19661.

Products availability

"Not available" is not in our dictionary. Our team is committed to provide all your requirements as it's available in the market. Also we are responsible for providing it through its original source to ensure your safety. o If you have any problem with availability of special treatment, please don't bother yourself. Just try our "Special Ordering" service. Leave this on us.